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Our Background

Our Group initially started business with Manufacturing of bicycle chains in Gujarat, under the brand name of ''Velo'', and were the market leaders. In the late 1960s, we embarked into the trading business of various items such as non ferrous metals, polymers and chemicals.   We have been involved with the marketing and distribution of polymers since past 50 years, and have developed a sound reputation in the industry for our business commitment and customer service.

Four decades of experience and customer success come with every deal that we make. We are a leading supplier of prime, off grade, recycled, commodity and engineering resins as well as various specialty materials.  We're a family-owned business that's grown to become one of the largest trading partners in plastics.

Our Mission and Value system.

At the Valia group, we define our mission as a reliable service to our customer , while observing the utmost ethical and fair business practices, and keeping a spirit of partnership with our suppliers.  We deeply value relationships with our customers, suppliers and our staff.